Event Type NAACP 111th National Convention 2020


13sep4:00 PM5:00 PMVirtual EventACT-SO Competition Awards Ceremony

13sep6:00 PM7:00 PMVirtual EventPublic Opening Address

14sep5:30 PMVirtual EventPresident's Corner - A Conversation with Dunkin' Brands CEO David Hofmann

14sep6:00 PMVirtual EventCriminal Justice ConversationMass Incarceration; Black People, Power, and Politics

15sep6:30 PM7:00 PMVirtual EventWells Fargo Open for Business Discussion

15sep7:00 PM8:00 PMVirtual EventYouth & College ConversationGeneration NOW: Our vote. Our moment.

16sep5:30 PM6:00 PMVirtual EventPresident's Corner - A Conversation with UPS Foundation President Eduardo Martinez

16sep6:00 PM7:00 PMVirtual EventLabor ConversationThe Future of Labor and Workforce: Leveraging Our Moment

17sep6:00 PM6:30 PMVirtual EventPresident's Corner - A Conversation with AT&T CEO John Stankey

17sep6:30 PM7:30 PMVirtual EventHealth and Wealth ConversationBeyond the Barriers: A New Agenda for Black Health & Wealth in America

18sep3:00 PM4:00 PMVirtual EventWhere Do We Go From Here?: Part 1National Black Voter Day

18sep4:00 PM5:00 PMVirtual EventWhere Do We Go From Here?: Part TwoNational Black Voter Day

18sep5:00 PM6:00 PMVirtual EventAll In: The Fight for DemocracyPresented by Amazon Studios

21sep6:00 PM7:30 PMVirtual EventYouth Region 7 Meeting

21sep8:00 PM9:30 PMVirtual EventYouth Region 3 Meeting

22sep6:30 PM8:00 PMVirtual EventYouth Region 5 Meeting

22sep6:30 PM8:00 PMVirtual EventRegion 7 Meeting

22sep8:30 PM10:00 PMVirtual EventRegion 3 Meeting

22sep8:30 PM10:00 PMVirtual EventYouth Region 1 Meeting

23sep7:00 PM8:30 PMVirtual EventRegion 5 Meeting

23sep7:00 PM8:30 PMVirtual EventYouth Region 2 Meeting

23sep8:30 PM9:30 PMVirtual EventYouth Region 6 Meeting

23sep8:30 PM10:00 PMVirtual EventRegion 1 Meeting

24sep6:00 PM7:30 PMVirtual EventRegion 2 Meeting

24sep6:00 PM7:30 PMVirtual EventYouth Region 4 Meeting

24sep7:30 PM8:30 PMVirtual EventRegion 4 Meeting

24sep9:00 PM11:00 PMVirtual EventRegion 6 Meeting

26sep10:00 AM12:00 PMVirtual EventResolutions Plenary